Victoria Govt offering upto 50% of solar cost as extra rebate and interest free loan over and above Federal Govt incentives

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  • Solar Power is Abundant, Accessible, Affordable.
  • Convert difficult time into Opportunity
  • Convert your Fixed energy expenses into Savings
  • No Obligation visit
  • Free Assessment of your energy requirements
  • Free Customized Exclusive Proposal

How Oz Solar helps You

  • Request for Free Assessment
  • Free Solar Advisor visit to scope the job and identify the best solar solutions and maximum rebates on the basis of your energy bill and usage pattern
  • Customized Proposal based on roof Plan incorporating Victoria Govt rebates and interest free Loan
  • Your commitment to the Proposal
  • Development of electrical and structural design
  • Network connection agreement
  • Installation of solar system avoiding any disruption to your normal activity
  • Ensure system is installed safely and working optimally

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“Installing solar PV will save a typical household, around $890 per annum off their electricity bill.”

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Convert difficult time into opportunity!!

  • Your fixed expenditure on energy be your Savings!!
  • Install solar panels and save thousands of Dollars!!
  • No Out of pocket expenses!!
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