About OZ SOLAR Energy

OZ Solar Energy solutions was established in 2006. We are a 100 % privately owned Australian Company registered in Victoria. Oz Solar is into marketing and installation of solar systems in Australia for more than a decade.

We are Clean Energy Council of Australia approved Retailer. CEC is the regulatory authority for the industry that commands what quality panels and inverters can go on Australian properties. Not every solar company is CEC Approved Retailer. As a customer, you can be well assured that you are dealing with an ethical organization that complies with high standards established by Clean Energy Council of Australia.

Renewable energy has proven to be one of the smartest investments. We are delighted to assist our clients in their energy saving plans by scoping, designing and implementing the solar project on their roofs. There has never been better time to make the sun do the work for you.

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  • Promote awareness about solar energy among the Australian community.
  • Help to promote ability to produce energy directly from Sun without ongoing costs.
  • Protecting from inevitable future energy price hike.
  • Save thousands of dollars
  • Contribution to save planet


  • More than 10 years of enriched experience in solar industry
  • We ensure comprehensive review of your energy and budget requirements before recommending the best solar solution to maximize output and value for money
  • We ensure Maximum government rebates are available to customer
  • Organize customer friendly finance options with
    1. No Upfront,
    2. No Deposit
    3. Savings may offset repayments
  • The inverters and panels that we us e are approved by the Clean Energy Council of Australia.
  • Installation is conducted by qualified personnel and accredited by Clean energy Council of Australia.
  • Installation programmed to avoid disrupting your normal activity
  • We bring a professional, ethical and environmental approach to all aspects of design, installation and service of our products.
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest technology advancements in the market place

Quality and Safety

  • Quality and safety are paramount to our company.
  • We pride ourselves on the quality of the service and product we deliver.
  • We have successfully contributed to execution of 1000s of projects
  • Our quality guarantee is underpinned by rigorous review process

Quality of Equipment

All of our equipment is fully compliant with Australian and international standards. The solar panels must comply with international standard IEC 61730 and the inverter must comply with Australian standard AS 4777. Circuit breakers and wiring also comply with relevant Australian standards. The inverters and panels that we use are approved by the Clean Energy Council. Our panels have undergone a further seven rigorous test to make sure they are as reliable and durable as possible, such as; Thermal Cycling, Thermal/Freezing and High Humidity Cycling Test, Hail impact test (1” diameter hail stones at terminal velocity), Electrical isolation Test, Salt Winds, Flexibility and Cyclone. We source our equipment for world class factories. Our quality control team visit the factories every three months to ensure they continue to abide by the high standards we expect. This team includes a master electrician/ accredited solar electricity installer.

Quality of installations

All our installation work is carried out by Clean Energy Council accredited installers. We pride ourselves on the quality of our accredited installers. Our master installer team have completed more than 200 installations and we quality control their work on a regular basis.

Certificate of
Electrical Safety

All installations are assessed by an independent electrical inspector. You will be issued with a Certificate of Electrical Safety after your installation.

Health and Safety

We pride ourselves on our successful track record in health and safety. We’ve never had a health and safety incident and our intention is to keep it that way. Our requirement is that each installation is accompanied by a health and safety report.

Comprehensive warranties

Our systems come with a comprehensive warranty period of up to 25 years. We take great pride in the quality of the work we complete.

  • 25-year performance warranty-
    1. 90% performance warranty for 10 years
    2. 80% performance warranty for 25 years
  • 5-year product warranty on Inverter. Can be extended to 10 years for extra payment.
  • 12-month installation warranty

Convert difficult time into opportunity!!

  • Your fixed expenditure on energy be your Savings!!
  • Install solar panels and save thousands of Dollars!!
  • No Out of pocket expenses!!
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