There is life time opportunity for the Victorians. Victoria Govt has announced as much as 50% extra rebate on solar panels on top of existing rebate from Federal Govt. Residents can now get solar panels at throw away prices. This makes solar system one of the best investments you can make!

And this is limited period offer…. It is just a time to grab….!!

Oz Solar Can Assist You In This

  • Free No Obligation Assessment Visit by the solar expert
  • Scope the job and identify whether renewable energy solutions are good for you
  • If yes, Assessment on the basis of your energy bill and usage pattern
  • Prepare customized Proposal on the basis of Assessment Report with maximum savings
  • Installation conducted by installers accredited by Clean Energy Council of Australia
  • Installation programmed to avoid disrupting your normal activity
  • We bring a professional, ethical and environmental approach to all aspects of design, installation and service of our products.
  • Participation in global Contribution to save the planet

Quality and Safety

  • Quality and safety are paramount to our company.
  • We pride ourselves on the quality of the service and product we deliver.
  • We have successfully contributed to execution of 1000s of projects
  • Our quality guarantee is underpinned by rigorous review process

Quality of Equipment

All of our equipment is fully compliant with Australian and international standards. The solar panels must comply with international standard IEC 61730 and the inverter must comply with Australian standard AS 4777. Circuit breakers and wiring also comply with relevant Australian standards. Our equipment is listed on the Clean Energy Council website as approved. Our panels have undergone a further seven rigorous test to make sure they are as reliable and durable as possible, such as; Thermal Cycling, Thermal /Freezing and High Humidity Cycling Test, Hail impact test (1” diameter hail stones at terminal velocity), Electrical isolation Test, Salt Winds, Flexibility and Cyclone.

Quality of installations

All our installation work is carried out by Clean Energy Council accredited installers. We pride ourselves on the quality of our accredited installers. Our master installer team have completed more than 200 installations and we quality control their work on a regular basis.

Certificate of Electrical Safety

All installations are assessed by an independent electrical inspector. You will be issued with a Certificate of Electrical Safety after your installation.

Health and Safety

We pride ourselves on our successful track record in health and safety. We’ve never had a health and safety incident and our intention is to keep it that way. Our requirement is that each installation is accompanied by a health and safety report.

Comprehensive Warranties

Our systems come with a comprehensive warranty period of up to 25 years.

  • 25-year performance warranty-
    • 90% performance warranty for 10 years
    • 80% performance warranty for 25 years
  • 5-year product warranty on Inverter. Can be extended to 10 years for extra payment.
  • 12-month installation warranty


Presently there are three types of rebates available-

  • Federal Govt rebates Federal rebate is offered to you as point of sale discount and you don’t need to bother to claim the rebate.
  • State Govt rebates State Govt Rebates are allowed as Feed in tariff. Click here to know more
  • And Now, Victoria Govt has announced extra 50% rebate on the top of Federal Govt rebate. PL click here for details

Save money and protect the Environment

Please click here to find out how many thousands of dollars you can save and how substantially you will contribute to the planet as you go for solar.

Finance Options

Oz Solar offers customer friendly finance options with:

  • No Upfront
  • Savings likely to offset repayments
  • No deposit

How much will it Cost!

We are neither too costly nor damn cheap which compromises the quality. We assure for value for money. Please click here for Free quote

Free No Obligation visit

Pl click here for Solar Advisor visit for free no obligation Assessment as per your convenient time n date

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