Solar Batteries

Batteries are used to store surplus electricity for use at night, leading to greater cost savings and even less reliance on the grid. A solar battery lets you store electricity generated by your solar system and use it later.


The RESU high voltage can be installed inside or outside, on a wall or on the ground. LG Chem has simplified the inverter connections to make the installation shorter and more affordable.


With continuous power, DC round-trip efficiency, and greater durability, the RESU high voltage is a high-end product.


RESU high voltage batteries possess the same safety-record technology as LG car batteries and all relevant international standard certifications.

LG Chem is leading the global ESS market with successes in various ESS projects, and its track record is rapidly growing


LG Chem’s ESS battery applies the Stack & Folding technology to create high energy density and achieved compactness. It maintains stable structure against frequent charging/discharging, with superior lifespan compared to its competitors.


ESS battery requires BMS with level is divided into Module BMS, Rack BMS, and Bank BMS according to its application. LG Chem successfully developed a BMS based on its proprietary technology and has achieved the highest level of safety through an integrated management from battery cells to its entire system.

  • High reliability and safety with prismatic cells from Samsung
  • Robust BMS provides multi-protection at both cell level and system level
  • Over 95% depth of discharge to maximise the usable capacity
  • One-click online firmware update
  • Remote monitoring of battery status with App and web portal
  • Smart hibernation technology to maintain battery state of health

Sungrow energy storage business commits to providing the world-leading integrated energy storage system solutions.


Depending on the cutting-edge renewable energy power conversion technology and lithium battery technology, Sungrow commits towards the development and manufacturing of Integrated Energy Storage System Solutions, core components such as Energy Storage Inverters, Li-Ion batteries and Energy Management Systems designed to meet demanding requirement in residential, commercial and industrial and utility-scale application. Sungrow is also proud to be part of numerous wind and solar projects aimed at improving the dispatch ability of renewable energy, assisting in primary frequency regulation, and solving electricity supply challenges in remote areas of the world.

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